Hello WordPress!

I would like to offer up a warm welcome and hello to anybody reading this today. If you haven’t figured it out, this is actually TenFox’s “first” day on WordPress. I made a WordPress a while back (maybe a few months ago) when I was thinking about switching our blog over, but I chickened out because I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

I finally made the switch.

We used to have a Blogger blog, but the move to WordPress was all too tempting. I wasn’t a fan of the layout and dashboard of Blogger as I looked more and more at the features that WordPress had.

This post is mainly to say hello to the WordPress world, but there is a slight ulterior-motive. I would love to read some new blogs that are on WordPress so that I have some new things to read and follow. If you have a blog that you think I would be interested in (yours or one that you follow) please feel free to post a comment!

As a side note: I transfered all 151 posts from my Blogger account onto WordPress and I have noticed that the transition wasn’t the best. Most videos that I had on Blogger aren’t on my WordPress, and some image related things were also messed up. I hope it’s not too much of a problem, but I will be working on fixing everything as I noticed it.

For those who are new to TenFox Productions I have compiled a list of things I thought might be of interest to you, so that you can see who we are.
Skyrim Posts:

Skill Leveling Guide

Guide to Godly Enchanting

Learning the Language of the Dragon

Sons of Skyrim with Lyrics


The Darkest Midnight in December

Youmacon 2011

Different Photo Gallery Links

There are many more posts that we have done, so feel free to check them all out. Or you can just check out the new stuff. Whatever you want to do!



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