Gamers get the Girls (or the Guys)

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Upon finding this great article titled, ‘Online Dating versus Online Gaming: Are Gamers Really Forever Alone?‘ I started thinking.

Out of all of my Facebook friends, nearly every single one of them that has a deep seated hobby (drinking alcohol not counting) is in a long-term steady relationship. There are only a very few that I can think of that have a hobby that they love who aren’t in a relationship. I would imagine that there has to be some sort of correlational (if not causational) connection here. 

Many of my non-nerd friends who poke fun at nerds, gamers, or anybody with a hobby, seem to be single. Now, I know this doesn’t hold true over everything else, and I am sure that there are some flaws here, but I have come to realize that people who have find themselves in happy, long-term relationships are ones that have found what they enjoy, and they aren’t afraid of what others think of them about it.

Just think about it.

I wish that everybody would realize that in order to find somebody that is right for you, you have to be yourself. Don’t cover yourself up with lies and social norms, you are just lying to yourself and others, and nobody will ever know the real you.


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Technical Voodoo

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Hold the applause, I’m glad to see you all too. It’s been a bit, but as explained here, I’ve had absolutely no time for piecing together a coherent blog. Never fear though, because now I’m back (or, at least, not dead)! So let me tell you about this project I’ve been working on…

I’ve slowly been piecing together a new PC using my meager earnings over the past few months, but now that I’m making an excess of money, I finally managed to finish it. Encased in the HAF 922 mid-tower is the ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard, complete with 8GB of Corsair’s VENGEANCE DDR3 1600mHz RAM and a Sapphire Radeon 6850 GPU. Powering this setup is Kingwin’s Lazer 850 watt modular PSU, assisted by three red LED fans (two 200mm, one 120mm), one standard black fan (200mm), and Corsair’s wonderful H80 liquid cooler which utilizes a large radiator and two 140mm fans. Providing storage is a 2TB HDD WD Caviar Green and a 256GB Crucial M4 SSD for boot and faster program load, all running Windows 7 Ultimate using Intel’s i5 2500k CPU. I’d overclock it, but I’m apparently enough of an idiot that I haven’t been able to get even the “one-touch” OC option to work.

Aside from those basic internals, I’ve also got Sony’s MRW620 internal card reader, a Rosewill N300X wireless PCI card, ASUS DVD burner, and a NZXT 5-fan controller.

I’m not gonna lie; this thing is a sexy beast. My only complaint is that I wanted blue LEDs initially, but was too lazy to remove and throw away the red 200mm fan that came with the case, so I went with red overall. I may add another 6850 in Crossfire for better performance, and can always add another 2TB HDD if necessary, but this case is built with upgrading in mind. I opted for the larger storage on the SSD on the basic principal that you should NEVER buy storage for “what you need NOW.” The 2TB was just practical (and on sale), especially with the next project that I’ve got in mind – more on that in a bit. The 2500k (once I get it overclocked to 4.0Ghz) is quad-core and I don’t see myself needing the Hyper-Threading features of new i7 cores any time in the foreseeable future. The H80 will ensure my components last as long as necessary at the coolest temperatures (28-37 C on medium at various loads), I can always double my RAM if I decide to, and the PSU keeps things nice and tidy with detachable cables. Just for my OCD, the card reader prevents me from having to have an adapter on hand for any memory cards I may need to read (plus the additional USB port is nice), I can go wireless if running a CAT5/6 cord isn’t feasible, and the fan controller will let me dial down individual fan speeds in case I want a quieter environment or increase their lifespan. All-in-all, it’s a fabulously adaptable computer.

Now, I primarily built this thing so I could delve into PC gaming a bit more, and you WILL most likely see some mod spotlights for games like Skyrim (omg so sexy) and the like down the road. I also wanted something more robust for content creation; audio sampling and editing using Audacity and FL Studio (and my handy little Figure iPhone app), video editing with WMM11 and Sony Vegas (including game recording), and photo manipulation with Photoshop Elements. Now, if I did a LOT of those things, investing in an i7 would’ve been a smart move; luckily, I’m just starting and won’t have a lot of time to spend doing so. Especially when I start saving for this next project…

I have it in mind to create my own Cloud-based network storage. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry, and if it doesn’t, that’s because it isn’t. It’s a basic shift from the standard home media server, where all of ones music and videos are all stored on one central device. A lot of people do this just using a separate computer, but I prefer to use a NAS – Network Attached Storage device. Specifically units from Synology’s DiskStation line, whose units are just fantastic in build and quality. I plan on purchasing a four-bay NAS and filling it with 3TB drives from Seagate, making a total of 12TB (!!) of network storage. Once that’s complete, I’ll connect it via CAT6 ethernet to my brand-new gigabit router so that every computer in my house boasts incredibly fast transfer speeds. To put the icing on the cake, I’ll also set up an FTP server so that I can stream my media from any browser -any computer, mobile phone, or tablet- wherever I am.

So there you have it, the plan I came up with while working 60 nonstop days in a small electronics store, nerd-filled and fantastic. Feel free to comment below if this helped you out, or if you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this idea even better!

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Lawsuit Frenzy!

So here we are. In a world where cell phones are more commonplace than purses, the companies making them are more petty and possessive than little girls fighting over Barbie dolls. We have Apple suing Motorola and HTC and Samsung, Motorola and HTC suing Apple, Apple being sued by consumers, Microsoft suing Barnes and Noble, some random company suing app developers, Oracle suing Google, and more.

If you look through those links -and do some research of your own– you’ll note the absurdity of most of these claims. They’re all over the place, including:

  • How a phone screen unlocks
  • How a phone accesses e-mail
  • Being able to update
  • Concealing external antenae
  • Allowing a clickable link to choose how said link opens
  • In-App payments
  • Using tabs
  • The way a Cloud-based service interacts with devices
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Bevels
  • Speaker placement and shape
  • How a phone works

This doesn’t even include previous lawsuits such as the kind used to defend the ability to intuitively scroll that was so popular. This sort of thing is wasteful and counter-intuitive; I understand that companies expend time, energy, and money into developing IP and new ways to implement procedures, but let’s take a step back and think about this for a moment. In the case of Apple’s case against Samsung where they tried to say the Galaxy series of devices “copied the iPhone and iPad in the instances of size, shape, and color,” there is such a thing as “too much.” I mean, they literally filed a suit because Samsung made a large, rectangular device in black with silver accents. I realize how many colors there are available, but there are only so many ways a mobile device can be shaped. It’s absurdity in its most absolute form.

What we need, as a technologically-advanced society, is a universal, patent-free entity that handles R&D for every manufacturer creating mobile devices. There are infinite ways to be competitive and innovative without worrying if Company B is copying the way your photo gallery displays photos, or whether Company X is violating your patent on how their phone handles incoming calls while watching porn. While each and every mobile smartphone available in the world today is technically unique, they are fundamentally similar, and that really is how they should be handled. A phone or tablet functions based on core properties, and the rest is just streamlining the user experience.

In its most recent bout of crazy, Apple claimed that the launch of the Galaxy S3, as the “most widely preordered gadget in history,” would cause “substantial, immediate and irreparable harm” to its sales of the iPhone. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally don’t see anything so fantastic about the newest member of the Galaxy family that would so impact sales of ANY phone, much less one in particular. At this point, people base their decisions for selecting a mobile phone on size, performance, price, OS, durability, brand, accessory options, social status, 4G capability, etc… any number of unpredictable factors. A TON of people won’t be getting the S3 based on price alone, and then there’s the crowd that doesn’t like large screens, or those who don’t like Android or Samsung in particular. As someone working in the field directly selling these phones to consumers -a grunt, as it were- I don’t see such a large impact in sales for Apple. Not to mention that we’re talking about A FIELD OF BUSINESS. Competitors exist in business, and sometimes their projects are just plain better than yours. If you lose a chunk of sales because someone out there with a similar product made theirs better, the solution is not to sue the crap out of them in hopes of preventing them from selling their product in your primary country of origin, it’s to CREATE SOMETHING BETTER IN TURN. This is how innovation WORKS.

Hopefully someone with an impact will put Apple in its place, and from there the other manufacturers will fall into line. We NEED an entity to handle the mundane nuances of device usage and operation to prevent nonsense like this from taking place. That way consumers still get their nice, tidy, intuitive packages, and manufacturers can focus on what they do best: making handsets.

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Wii-sperimenting Time!

Some of you who paid attention may have noticed that I met the kind people of TenFox Productions over a Wii game called Monster Hunter Tri. I’ve always had a soft spot for the series over its iterations, but I’ve never been fantastically good at it, so when I finally managed to convince another friend of mine to play it, the two of us jumped in full-force.

I’ll preface this by pointing out that, by saying I’m not “fantastically good,” I really mean that I never got the hang of the invincibility frames during dodges, or capitalizing on a monster’s specific attack pattern. I basically suck at the “don’t get hit” part of the “hit it till it dies” mantra. So I never go online unless I have someone to go online with, because not only am I a social, cooperative online gamer, but it’s always nice having a meat shield that fights back.

Between work and Monster Hunter, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for other things (not that I do other things), and this past week has not been kind in that regard. I’ve known about Wii-modding for quite a while, but I’ve never been interested in trying it until I saw a nifty post on the GameFAQs message boards with a very interesting link. Using the MH3QuestCreator, created by Lee Langan,  he managed a full Riivolution patch containing custom weapons created from the existing upgrade paths, texture mods, varying difficulty modes, and custom online quests! I experimented with the Tiny difficulty mode offline (a fascination brought on by the official Event QuestPhantom Uragaan“) and was delighted to see a swath of changes. New weapon textures work seamlessly, monster coloration is spectacular, even the resizing of monsters makes the game new and interesting!

I played two missions before calling it a night, one bagging a Rathian and the other a dual Barioth quest. Before going into it, I didn’t realize that the texture pack meant monster textures, so imagine my surprise when a miniature pink Rathian floated from the sky to land at my feet, barely coming to my hunter’s waist. Overcome with fond memories of the PSP Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, I proceeded to remove the wyvern’s tail and claws before sending her to an early grave with my Anata Boneblade+. Next up came the dual Barioth in the Frozen Tundra, regular sized but with vibrant orange tints to their normally-white fur. Reminded faintly of the terrifying Tigrex, my blade again sent the two beasts into the oblivion of the Quest Rewards screen.

As of this post, I’ve yet to experiment with the online quests, as they’re clearly marketed toward the more hardcore audience, but the whole ordeal opened me up to the wide world of console modding. I’d stayed my ground thus far at the rooting and jailbreaking of mobile devices, but due to the nature of online connectivity I’d refrained from expanding into messing with my game consoles. Upon further inspection of the Wii, however, I’ve come to note that Nintendo is extremely lax on any real form of security, making modding a thing of ease. The process of softmodding my Wii took a grand total of four and a half minutes, including preparation and installation time. It was literally easier than jailbreaking an iPhone, and that’s saying something.

Thus far I’ve only dipped my toe into the vast ocean, but I’ve spent the majority of the past three days involved in Gecko OS, which for those of you who didn’t click the link eleven words ago is basically this gen’s version of a GameShark/Action Replay. Compiling working HEX codes from a database that is largely unrelegated and haphazardly strewn together is not a lot of fun, but it is a learning experience. Not a whole lot of experience, mind you, but some; I still have no idea how to read HEX coding or customize it myself, but I now have a basic understanding that is rather helpful (I still cannot figure out how the hell to get button activators to work though!).

My walk into the garden has only extended into the realm of infinity meters (HP, Stamina, statuses, items, etc), but it so far has helped me become a better hunter. I’m using the loss of fear of death to focus on and study my opponent so that I can realize exactly which moments can be utilized for attacking, and which for dodging. Once I’m satisfied, I’ll negate the cheats and go through the same process again to cement it into my reflexes. Of course, I’m also using some for fun, like the aforementioned size mod. To my disappointment, the only working code I’ve found either makes the boss monster absurdly tiny (to the point where they cannot be seen), or slightly larger but impossible to hit accurately. Oh, let’s not forget FUGGIN’ MASSIVE. There are four options, and I’ve yet to find an in-between HEX that works with Gecko. So it’s not quite as good as the Riivolution patch, but it’s a work-in-progress!

So that’s how my weekend was. How about yours?

Roll Over and Take It?

This may be a blog faux paus, but I don’t really care, because this needs to be said. I posted this last week on my little-used Tumblr (sorry, no links this time. Serious blog), which is what I assume prompted my introduction into TFP. You don’t have to comment, but if you do feel free to let us know your thoughts! So without further ado: self-plagiarism!


Lemme break down this gay marriage issue for you:

Simply being human grants us the freedom of choice, allowing us to make decisions for ourselves, whether they be bad or good ones. Living in the United States (and many countries besides) confirms that we have the freedom to make [a majority of] those choices without fear of persecution. Some people in this country are of the homosexual variety, and as human beings not only have the ability to make that personal choice, but also have the choice of being involved with and getting married to whomever they feel worthy.

Another set of people feel it within their right to take that choice away from them.

Read that one more time. A large majority of our population feel that it is their duty and right to take away a fellow human beings’ rights and freedom of choice. They are basically telling homosexuals, “you are not human and as such have no rights, no constitutional protection, and above all, no freedom.”

When offering the defense, “there are some rights the rest of us don’t have,” most people expound on that as not having the right to murder, steal, or cheat. This is a classic case of “being wrong.” Humanity absolutely has the right to murder, steal, or cheat; the difference is that there are punishments for doing it as opposed to not being able to do them at all. It would be like walking up to someone with the intention of stabbing them in the back, and your arms fall off when you get near. What are you going to do then, besides cry in grief and pain? Having a repercussion for your choice is not at all the same thing as not being allowed to do it in the first place.

These aren’t even my opinions. If you read carefully, you’ll find that every word is a definable fact. Banning gay marriage is a very certain step into the darker end of the spectrum on removing peoples rights. “We don’t want you to do this, therefore you cannot.” That is the simple, honest truth of the situation; at its core, that is what the issue is about. Certain people taking it upon themselves to take away part of what it means to be human. Removing freedoms from select groups of people for no reason except that it isn’t what they want themselves. Even throwing the religious card only makes you accountable for yourself; religion itself is a choice, as is not claiming a religion. It is not a right for any individual to force their choice on anyone else, and that is exactly what banning gay marriage is: a rape of freedoms.

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Chronicling Chronicle (SPOILERS)

Chronicle was released yesterday after a long, suffering three-month wait since its release in theatres on February 3rd, and this writer could not be more excited. For those of you who haven’t seen it or have hesitated, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND STOP BEING AN IDIOT. While I can understand that some may not like it due to the nature of “self-shot” films, the story and background of the characters is beautiful and engaging, and definitely warrants a viewing. As with Cloverfield, Chronicle focuses its efforts on the personalities and moral dilemmas of three young men as they struggle with and adapt to new and powerful mental powers, but the real star of the show is the process one in particular goes through on his path to taming the unexpected gift. This next paragraph is the part you’re going to want to avoid if you haven’t seen it before, so skip ahead past the image and avert your eyes!

For me, the most powerful part of this film wasn’t even a part at all, but rather the culmination of every moment leading up to the credits. Watching Andrew‘s home life spiral out of control with a terminally ill mother and an alcoholic, abusive father, it’s all too easy to understand how his mind twisted and warped the logic of the responsibility involved with controlling his impressive powers. It is literally a story of the rise and fall of a tragically mistreated youth, done the way we’ve all wanted it to be for years: right.

I’m sorry everyone, the spoilers are over. I don’t understand why you’re all still reading this instead of watching the damn movie, but I’ll assume it’s because you’re either impressed with my verbosity or you’re cursing my linkage. Either way, you’re going to have to get used to it. Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the movie, and why!

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Wish I Could Program

May 16, 2012 Leave a comment


I really wish I new how to code and program in any way. I’m kind of lost when it comes to all of that; I know the basics of how it works, I just don’t have the motivation to learn the language. I used to use GameMaker back in Middle School and I would code the crap out of that, and I’ve used Visual Basic a bit, but I could never really get into learning a different type of programming language.

I have many ideas for games that I would love to design, 2D, 3D, anything; the problem is that I am never able to put those ideas into practice.

I need a personal programmer that can just work on the projects using my ideas so that I don’t have to code myself. Any takers?

I doubt it will happen; it looks like what I’m going to need to do is to actually learn how to code. I’m working on trying to find some decent books on the subject, but I really don’t know where to start. Does anybody have any good recommendations on where to begin? I’m figuring sticking to easy 2D or APP games would be the best place to start, or even something easier than that.

This is just basically a random (minor meaningless) post. Seriously though, if you have any ideas let me know.